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We also have 4,000

12-megapixel still photographs shot in all areas of Egypt.

These 12-megapixel digital photographs can also be licensed. Click here to view thumbnails of the 4000 digital stills.

In addition, we also have a number of digital Panoramas of Egyptian locales such as the Valley of the Kings, Abu Simbel, the Sphinx, the Temple of Philae, the Temple of Edfu, Kom Ombo Temple, the Aswan Dam, the Egyptian Museum, Sunset on the Nile, and Sunset in Cairo. Click here to view thumbnails of the Panoramas

Background Plates

Our Stock Footage Library includes a series of 1080i High Definition Background Plates for compositing with Green Screen and ChromaKey processes. Utilizing these Background Plates for commercials and music videos, actors can be superimposed into scenes filmed in multiple locations in Europe, Egypt and the United States. Recently, Papa John's Pizza used our Trevi Fountain and Amalfi Coast 1080i High Def background plates for a national commercial. More…

Digital Photographs

We have an extensive catalog of 12-megapixel digital photographs from all of the locations mentioned in our menu at top of page. In addition, we have High Dynamic Range (HDR) photographs from Rome, Venice, Athens, Rhodes, Corfu, Santorini, and Istanbul. More…

Standard Def Footage

We also have an extensive collection of beautiful NTSC Standard Definition footage of Rome, Venice, and London. This footage is attractively priced and suitable for web use. More…

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1080 High Definition Footage of Egypt

We now have over 24 hours of NTSC 1080 High Definition Stock Footage of Egypt, Cairo Street Scenes, the Egyptian Museum, ancient temples, and the Nile. Shot in January 2008, this beautiful HD footage has been licensed and used in documentaries and motion pictures. VITA Digital Productions filmed this footage and owns the copyright to this 1080 High Defintion footage. In addition to 23 hours of tripod footage, we also have 10 hours of POV Steadicam footage filmed in Egypt.

We have extensive 1080 HD coverage of the typical shots you might need of Egypt and the Nile - shots include but are not limited to:

Our clients include CBS, ABC, NBC, A&E, the Discovery Channel, the Biography Channel, the History Channel, and the Disney Channel along with other television networks and production houses around the world including the Canadian Broadcasting Company and the BBC.

Recently, a tv commercial aired in the United Kingdom featured our Paris nightime footage and the 2 hour History Channel Special, "Life After People," included our footage of the Coliseum. The NBC soap opera, "Passions," utilized our Rome footage in over 60 episodes as establishing shots for their subplot, "Vendetta." ABC's "Good Morning America" used our Amalfi footage for a segment about "Romantic Getaways," and our footage of the Egyptian Obelisk in St. Peter's Square was featured on the 2 hour History Channel "Mega-Movers."

The History Channel recently aired their 2 hour documentary, "Angels & Demons: Decoded" which featured our 1080i High Def footage of Rome, St. Peter's Square, and numerous other sites and statues that factor in the Dan Brown book, "Angels and Demons." In addition, the Discovery Channel recently aired, "Angels V. Demons: Fact or Fiction" which also contained 1080 High Def footage supplied by VITA Digital Productions.

Recently our Egyptian 1080i High Definition footage was utilized in a CBC Documentary and the three part American Cinema International mini-series, "The Lost Treasure of Ugarit." In addition, our Paris footage was included in a Burt Wolf episode on PBS, our Egyptian footage was used in a History Channel documentary on Nostradamas, and our Paris footage was utilized in a 4 part BBC mini-series shot in Europe.


We have "All Media, Worldwide, in Perpetuity" licenses along with more limited use licenses. We will fit our rates to your use - just tell us how you plan to use the footage and approximately how much footage you need and we will work with you to fit your budget. And we have fast turn-around time!

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